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QMSCAPA™ is quality and ISO management systems software designed by a user group of quality professionals, including assessors, auditors, consultants and quality managers for quality management systems. If you have an idea or new feature that you would like to see in QMSCAPA please join our user group by completing our web form.


Do you have an idea for a new feature in QMSCAPA?

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05/01/2021 2.15.1

Important enhancements have been made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.15.1) and is available for download from QMSCAPA.app.

Enhanced the Internal Audit Schedule Module

Enhanced the Process Documentation module


05/01/2021 1.14.11

Important enhancements have been made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.14.11) and is available for download from QMSCAPA.app.

Enhanced the Customer Feedback module

Enhanced the Relevant Interested Party module

Enhanced the Nonconformance Reporting module

Enhanced the on-screen control of date field pictures (format for dates)

Enhanced the Document version control window in the Document Control Index module.



Ctrl+F10 to Access Global and Local on-screen text


01/27/2021 2.12.9

Important enhancements have been made in a new release of QMSCAPA™ (version 2.12.9) and is available for download from QMSCAPA.app.


12/27/2020  2.11.11


Enhanced the Document Management and Control Tree

Enhanced the Risk Assessment Aspect Control module to include Cybersecurity Maturity Model scoring method (NIST-800-171 DoD Assessment method).



9/26/2020 2.10.5


Enhanced the graphing output from the:

Customer complaint and feedback table;

Nonconformance table;

Corrective Action and Preventive Action table;

Process KPI tables.

Enhanced the “8D” CAPA form.

Enhanced the feature to export a browse table to an Excel or HTML report.

Enhanced the Training Programs module by adding a lookup table for the methods used to verify training effectiveness.

Fixed the CAPA form, Management Review tab for the “Disposition” lookup table and the “Nonconformance & Discrepancy Code” lookup table.

Updated the File Manager.

Updated the import Excel worksheet wizard to a directed table.

Updated the HTML5 Client for QMSCAPA Everywhere.


6/23/2020 2.9.11


Added a feature to copy a QMSCAPA generated RTF document.

Added a feature to add an attachment to a Risk Aspect Control verification method.

Added a feature to add a link to an Employment, Security or Contractor agreement to the Human Resource record.

Enhanced Document Control Index Reports

Updated the Chrome Explorer used in the gDocs Table.

Update the File and Table manager.


5/15/2020 2.8.9


Added user-defined date (label and date field) to the Monitoring Devices and Instruments module and form.

Enhanced the Risk Assessment module to allow the Risk Aspect controls to be edited directly in the Risk Aspect record.

Enhanced the Risk Assessment Reporting for Aspects, Objectives and Controls

Enhanced the On-time Delivery Analysis report.



4/12/2020 2.7.9


Added direct access to Google Docs (plus others), which are linked in the Document Control Index.

Enhanced the Devices, Equipment and Machinery module for maintaining Manufacturing, Operations, Production equipment or machinery.

Enhanced the Document Control Index module.

Enhanced the Inspection Checklist Designer and Reports.

Enhanced the module for Constructing RFT Documents

Updated the Document Control Index Viewer [DCIViewer.exe]


RTF-save-cust-sat2/5/2020 2.6.14


Added a new AIM/NCR template to report NCRs by "Type" and date range.

Enhanced the Monitoring and Measuring Device module.

Enhanced the module for evaluating and surveying customer satisfaction.

Fixed a problem with correctly storing the User Defined Menu options in the QMSCAPA.INI file.

Updated the Document Control Index Viewer [DCIViewer.exe]

Updated the File and Table Manager.

Updated all Report Templates to include the template file name in the Report footer.

Updated the Supplier/Vendor Survey Questionnaire sets. (See options to access example data files and tables.)


1/03/2020 2.5.5

Enhanced the report forms for to improve the handling of embedded (attached) images.

Alert, Initiatives, Messages and Nonconformance

Customer Complaints and Feedback

Corrective and Preventive Actions

Enhanced the On-time Delivery module by adding a field for the Invoice Number.

Enhanced the Monitoring and Measurement Device module and reports.

Enhanced the Supply Chain Management module by improving the Supplier/Vendor Quality Questionnaire/Survey. Click here to see Supplier/Vendor Quality Survey examples created using QMSCAPA.


11/02/2019 2.4.4

Added an optional feature to the save selected forms and, or reports to a "Rich Text Format" (RFT) file, which allows the recipient to edit or fill-in-the-blank. Currently the selected list includes:

CAPA forms

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Supplier Surveys

Added a feature to the Human Resource (employees) browse table that hides the Excluded Resources from view.

Added a CAPA Complaint Id Report for reporting Corrective Actions that are derived from Customer Complaints.

Enhanced the Dashboard Performance Graphical Report to allow the Dashboard Name to be printed on the Report.

Enhanced the Mfg/Production reports, including the addition of new direct report selections buttons on the browse table.


09/06/2019 2.3.4

Added a feature to the Training Programs table for the conditional deletion of a Training Program.

Added a feature to the CAPA log table for conditional deletion of CAPA records.

Cumulative fix for Windows resizing by Global Font Selection.

Enhanced the "Five Why" tool and report inside the CAPA Form.

Enhanced the Supplier/Vendor Table.

Enhanced the module for Supplier Performance Report Card.

Enhanced the Ontime Delivery Table and form for Batch Entry.

Updated the Document Approval Table.


07/08/2019 2.2.9

Added [√] Unlock Employee record checkbox to prevent accidental deletions. Employee records are locked by default.

Enhanced the Customer Feedback Table and Form window.

Enhanced the Employee Table and Form window.

Enhanced the Supplier/Vendor Management form window.

Enhanced the Supplier/Vendor Evaluation form window.

Enhanced the Training Program Table and Form window.

Enhanced the Training Schedule Table and Form window.

Fixed Supplier/Vendor Type Description field.


06/29/2019 v2.1.29

Added copy Training Programs feature in the Job Titles and Description table to allow Training Programs to be copied from a Job Title template or an existing Job Titles and Description.

Added a Global Select Font Control.

Added support for the Windows 2019 Server.

Added a User Defined Menu Window option.

CAPA-report-button-duedate-vs-completionAdded support for the development of HTML5 modules and additional web connected applications.

Added a CAPA report for proficiency, which may be accessed from the CAPA log browse table.

Enhanced the CAPA Log Browse Table and CAPA Window Form.

Sent-To-buttonEnhanced the quick export features to allow a user to "Send" select browse tables to Excel, HMTL and other file formats.

Enhanced the access to common file Save To Paths for saving forms and reports as PDF files.

Enhanced the Risk Assessment module with new simplified navigation and window layouts.

Fixed in the Customer Feedback form the lookup table to the Customer record.

Fixed the sort order on the Job Titles table.


05/1/2019 v1.61.5

Enhanced the Email Assistant

Enhanced the Print Preview

Fixed the Copy Risk Assessment Aspect Controls feature

Updated the File Manager

Updated the Net Framework for Web Servers

Added support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

03/22/2019 v1.60.4

Enhanced the module for managing Job Titles, Job Descriptions, compentencies and training requirements.

Moved the QMSCAPA main data path from the Windows Registry to an QMSdata.INI File placed in the folder CurrentUserName\AppData\ABCI\QMSCAPA\QMSdata.INI


03/10/2019 v1.59.3FiveWhyform

Added a Five Why Analysis tool that is linked to the Corrective Action record.


02/26/2019 v1.58.6

Added a Export to Excel feature in the Non-conformance Table.

Added Software and Firmware version fields to the Monitoring Device and Instrument Table.

Enhanced the DCI Viewer, which includes access to controlled Documents, Records and Referenced Documents for Organization Knowledge.

Fixed the Training Effectiveness Rating field in the Training Programs form.


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