QMSCAPA provides support for electronic signatures, which may include ...


In QMSCAPA, a user with an electronic signature requires the following setup:


1.A unique Login in the QMSCAPA User Security Table

2.An Employee or Personnel record in the Human Resources Table

3.Their Employee or Personnel record must be set with checks in the following checkboxes:

a.[√] QMSCAPA User

b.[√] Authorized Signer

4.The User's Login Code must be linked to the Employee or Personnel Record; see the User Profile Options.


In the image below ...

(A) The check-box Auto assign electronic signature, when checked, combines the name initials with the employee identification number to form a unique electronic signature.

(B) (C) Check the Authorized Signer check-box if the person is authorized to sign records or other documents. Only Authorized personnel shall appear in the authorized approval look-up table when approving records.

(D) The Signature Image Path field provides a link to graphical image (signature, stamp, 2D or 3D bar codes).




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