User Window Settings

QMSCAPA stores temporary user preferences in Window's text files with a file name extension (suffix) 'INI'.


An INI file is a configuration file used by Windows programs to initialize program settings. It contains sections for settings and preferences (delimited by a string in square brackets) with each section containing one or more name and value parameters.


QMSCAPA stores the following user preferences:


Data (file and table) locations

Font, and font size

Run-time Table options for column order and placement

User-defined menu options

Windows placement (location on screen)


In the examples below the AppData folder may be hidden from the user.

Unhide the AppData folder



The QMSCAPA.ini has been deprecated and replaced with QMSCAPAuser.ini;



The QMSCAPAuser.ini is unique to the User-Name;



The QMSdata.INI contains the path to the QMSCAPA files and tables, including Report Templates.

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