Edit Date Picture

QMSCAPA has a built-in feature to allow a user to edit the on-screen field prompts for support of alternate date formats, languages and vocabulary.


This feature allows a user to change the text in QMSCAPA during use, including:

All visible text

Window Captions, Prompts

Buttons and so on can be translated

Changing the Date Picture (or representation) of the contents of date fields.


Changing the Date Picture (date representation)


Open Main Menu that QMSCAPA displays at start-up; all other windows should be closed.

Press the Ctrl+F10 Key to open the Translation Window.

The Translation Window opens as shown below select the All Global button



All GLOBAL text and date options




A.As shown in the image above mouse-click into right column labeled "Translation".

B.To search for the _DatePicture_ field in the left column press and hold the shift key while pressing the underscore key (Shift+_).

C.Once you have located the _DatePicture_ field in the left column then double-click into the adjacent field space of the right column. For example, to format July 4, 2019 as 7/04/2019 then enter @D17 (Windows Control Panel setting for Short Date).

D.Alternately you may search for _DatePicture_ field in the left column by scrolling through the text names or by using the scroll bar control to the right of the Translation column.

E.Click on the [Accept/Close] button to accept the Global Date format.

Examples of Date formats using the @D## code:

@D1 mm/dd/yy 10/31/59

@D1>40 mm/dd/yy 10/31/59

@D01 mm/dd/yy 01/01/95

@D2 mm/dd/yyyy 10/31/1959

@D3 mmm dd,yyyy OCT 31,1959

@D4 mmmmmmmmm dd, yyyy October 31, 1959

@D5 dd/mm/yy 31/10/59

@D6 dd/mm/yyyy 31/10/1959

@D7 dd mmm yy 31 OCT 59

@D8 dd mmm yyyy 31 OCT 1959

@D9 yy/mm/dd 59/10/31

@D10 yyyy/mm/dd 1959/10/31

@D11 yymmdd 591031

@D12 yyyymmdd 19591031

@D13 mm/yy 10/59

@D14 mm/yyyy 10/1959

@D15 yy/mm 59/10

@D16 yyyy/mm 1959/10

@D17 Windows Control Panel setting for Short Date

@D18 Windows Control Panel setting for Long Date

Alternate separators

@D1. mm.dd.yy Period separator

@D2- mm-dd-yyyy Dash separator

@D5_ dd mm yy Underscore produces space separator

@D6` dd,mm,yyyy Grave accent produces comma separator


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